Bloggers Are Cool

Writers are cool.

Bloggers are cool.

Seeing as my cameras are packed and I don’t feel like doing a live stream right now… I thought I’d be cool and post a blog… which is super rare for me!

So… I figured I’d write about some content things I’m planning for next year. Most of this is style or strategy, but… HEY… it’s a blog.


So… instagram is a love/hate for me. I love the results and attention it brings, but I really don’t enjoy the content creation process. So, in 2019 I think I’m going to challenge myself to post a selfie and a Bible photo everyday! That commitment will hopefully bring more even more attention to the content that’s being created. ESPECIALLY the Bible teaching.


I’ve changed the name of the youtube from Grace for Life with Jason Mayfield to Jason Mayfield. Why? Well, honestly, it gives me the opportunity to broaden my content creation which hopefully bring more people in contact with the Bible teachings. Look… I make no-bones-about-it… the Bible teaching is my main thing. If I had to do one thing everyday for the rest of my life… I’d teach the Bible. BUT, I can’t ignore the fact that my life is much bigger and broader than Bible study and Bible reviews and Bible translation opinions and pens!

We’ve (Ashleigh and I) been able to do some really cool stuff with business, personal finances and coaching. I also do tons of tech stuff (mostly in the creative space). The broadness, I hope, will give me opportunities to reach more people and direct them towards Jesus-focused-content.

My new youtube room is going to be designed to allow me to film multiple types of content with various “sets” to give each “show” a special look.

Even though I’ve changed the name of the channel to Jason Mayfield, the “Grace for Life with Jason Mayfield” show will continue, and I’m planning to increase the amount of Bible teaching content that’s being posted.


Really early in 2018, I made some statements about how I thought Podcasting was the direction the Bible teaching needed to take. I was wrong… Youtube is my home base.

HOWEVER, podcasting is this really fantastic space that offers a lot of promise and possibility.

I’ve been working on my podcast… posting the “Jason’s Journal” episodes, but moving forward I’m trying to find ways to create more content that is the “right content” for a podcast.

Audio-first-content is actually a little harder than video-first-content. This is something I wouldn’t have believed if you told me a year ago… but it’s true.

While I’m still figuring out my podcast, Ashleigh and I are going to be creating a podcast called The Ashleigh Mayfield Show. Obviously, her brand will be more prevalent in that particular podcast, but we’re doing it together because we’ve found that podcast work best as a dialogue rather than a monologue. We’ll hopefully be having some guests join us throughout the year.


Patreon has taken off like a 75lbs pigeon. Not very well.

My content strategy there is going to have to make some major changes.

I realize that I need to give people a way to give to the ministry… but, emotionally, I’d like to just shut it down and go back to saying “I don’t charge… I’m awesome!”


My website gets the most neglect of all my platforms. In 2019, I’ll be transitioning to two sites. and I’m still working that out… but it’s essentially just to separate the For Profit and Not For Profit entities.


I wouldn’t expect any more.

Jason Mayfield