Engagement Policy

This isn't an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea where we stand.

  • Comments are awesome. We can ask questions, and counter points… but we don’t argue.

  • We delete comments that “feel” combative. We’re not here to fight online.

  • We will try to respond to you, but we might not answer your question. This blog does not have the ability to cover the depths of all theology. Take what’s written for what’s written, then go read your Bible.

  • Don’t advertise your stuff here… it’s not the place.

  • Twitter barely allows two sentences. We know there’s a caveat to our tweets. It’s twitter. It’s not the Bible.

  • We like lots of posts on social media... it's not an endorsement, just a reminder that we're here and we love you. So when you see that we liked a "morally-corrupt" post, we're not making a statement.