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2019 Bible Reading Plan

Are you ready to encounter the Bible in a practical and powerful way this year? ME TOO!

This plan is intended to help you do a few things:

1. Cover a lot of material in a year.

2. Take time to “deep dive” with Bible Journaling without over committing.

3. Emphasis the New Testament.

4. Understand the Old Testament in a loosely chronological way.

5. Break away from a cover-to-cover read, keeping things interesting.

6. Allow you enough interaction with the scripture to grow in your understanding.

7. Be flexible enough to work around a busy schedule while allowing you to stay on track.


This is not an “every day” plan, but it can be utilized everyday.

Each week you’ll have 6 days of reading and 5 days of journaling (or “deeper study”). Rather than dating each reading, I’m suggesting that you sit down at the beginning of each week and schedule your sessions. This will allow you to consider the uniqueness of each particular week and plan accordingly. I find having the reading in my calendar helps a lot. Yes, I actually will put “Read John 1-5” or “Journal James 4” in my calendar.

Depending on my schedule, I might double up my reading on a day so I can have a day free for an event. If you will be mindful and considerate of your schedule, you won’t find yourself 6 weeks in and 3 weeks behind.

The reading portions are much longer than the Journaling portions.

Here’s how I suggest you approach it.


Just read. Don’t take notes. Don’t stop. Don’t go deeper. Just read.

I use an audio Bible to read along with the text in front of me. That helps me set a pace and stay focused. If you want to just use an audio Bible, or use an audio Bible for the Old Testament and read the New Testament, or the reverse, that’s fine. The goal here is to finish. Don’t try to be hero.


If you’re using this plan, you’re probably familiar enough with me to know I really like journaling and wide margin Bibles.

The problem with “deep study” is that with a typical person’s schedule you probably won’t finish the Bible in less than 3 years. Study requires you to slow down, think, research, pray, process, etc… You can probably finish the reading portion of the plan in 30 minutes and then spend 15 minutes to an hour on the chapter you’re journaling through.

I split up my journaling and reading time.

In this plan you will cover the Old Testament 1 time and the New Testament 4 times in one year.

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“Jason Mayfield has been my very close friend and fellow minister of the Gospel for over ten years. With incredible insight to the Word of God and a balanced theology, he is an anointed and effective preacher and teacher. He walks in integrity, has a passion after God and a deep love for people. His passion to help people discover Jesus and find their purpose in the plan of God is contagious. With great confidence I highly recommend him.”
Tony Sutherland, Evangelist and Author

"Jason Mayfield is an excellent communicator and able minister of the new covenant. His heart to explain the gospel of grace in practical, creative, and innovative ways gives him access and favor with a large spectrum of listeners. I have known him now for several years and he has spent time in my house and with my family, and he is an authentic Christ follower and a gift to the body of Christ. I would encourage all who may read this to receive his ministry and to partner with him as I whole heartedly endorse him and believe in him."
Jamie Englehart, Bishop/Overseer; Heritage International Ministries

“Jason Mayfield is one of the most unique ministers I know with a fresh anointing and approach to communicating the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is mature beyond his years, confident yet humble. His personal integrity carries over into the corporate assembly.  He is the same on the field as off the field, in the office as out of the office, on the platform as off the platform. I would highly recommend Jason Mayfield, he will prove to be most valuable to your church or organization.”
Phillip McElhenny, Senior Pastor

"Spending time with Jason Mayfield is always so much fun and without fail, we walk away with great stories. His personality just draws you in. That quality that makes you want to spend time with him is also evident as he teaches about the good news of the finished work of Jesus Christ. The revelation of grace that Jason has received has only amplified his talent and gifting to share the Word of God. The passion he has to let others know the beauty of our Lord and to unveiled what grace has given us as New Covenant believers, radiates from him as he is teaching. The message of grace that he is sharing, added with his unique personality and gifting that the Lord has given him, makes for a dynamite combo that you don’t want to miss."
Amber Brown, Author